Saturday, January 28, 2012

christmas day 2011

...and here are our photos from christmas... over a month late. oops! we had a wonderful holiday.

our little tree, which i have grown to love over the years. we bought it the first year we lived here, and it cost less than $30! it is small, skinny, and a little crooked, but it holds all of our ornaments perfectly. this photo is from christmas eve, just after santa visited ;)

pile of packages from my parents on the left! thanks guys, we love you!

my kewpie angel

lucky dog opening his gift

and the kids opening theirs

the aftermath.

santa surprised malcolm with the best gift ever, his very own tire swing!

danny has always wanted a lotso-huggin' bear!

one more swing before heading out to danny's parents house

more gifts! (wow, these kids are spoiled!)

this photo of compton and malcolm makes me laugh!

and last but not least... dessert! 

i always somehow manage to not get any photos of the family. i guess because dan uses his fancy camera to take them, so i don't? we love spending christmas afternoon/evening at dan & vicky's house. the food is always delicious, and the company is even better. we are very grateful for it all.

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  1. dang, yur child never ever ceases to amaze me. too freaking cute! by the way, i love his jammies! :)