Tuesday, December 6, 2011

november in photos

with the holidays quickly approaching, and all the crazy busy that is involved, i sure have been neglecting this little blog of mine. here's what we were up to in november:

trips to marbles

i built this block fort for him from the ground up. he loved it!

trips downtown

little guy, HUGE shopping cart!

vegan toasted coconut ice cream with toasted candied hazelnuts, from a local ice cream truck based out of durham. SO good!

we stopped in the museum of natural science to get out of the cold. malcolm loves it in there.

free samples of cheerwine 

trips to the library :)

warm starbucks on a cold afternoon. i love when they get their holiday cups back in stock!

we thought the sign above alanna was funny

giant holiday decor in cameron village

our favorite find so far this season. amazing!

on the morning of 19th we grabbed warm drinks from starbucks and then made our way downtown for the raleigh christmas parade. alanna brought her boyfriend randy along. it sure was crowded by the time we got there, and it was hard to find a good spot to stand where we could see the street, so we just wandered around. malcolm didn't care much for the parade, he had more fun exploring around the grounds of the capitol building. 

and playing in the leaves 

we got pizza for lunch before heading home. i didn't want to embarrass alanna by trying to get a photo of her with randy, so i just snapped this one on the way back to the car. 

mama cat had to go the vet, so while we were in durham we grabbed dinner at the cosmic cantina. it has been so warm here lately, and we were able to eat out on the patio.

poor mama doesn't like going to the vet. this is where we found her hiding later that night, haha. i was just about to put that sleeping bag away, when i saw her little glowing eyes :)

trips to the park

lucky dog still thinks he is a puppy sometimes. he destroyed this little fuzzy pom-pom.

rollin' deep at costco.

we put our little tree up on the day after thanksgiving. instead of getting up early and hitting the ridiculous sales, danny let me sleep in, and then the kids and i stayed home all day. we did some cleaning and cleared out items to donate (gotta make room for new toys, clothes, etc!) i also baked a pie to take to our friends vegan thanksgiving feast the following day. we had a great day and no one got pepper sprayed ;)

if you look closely, you can see pretty little pink buds growing on the bush outside of the window (behind the cactus). christmas trees and blossoms. only in north carolina, ha! 

i will end this post with two photos that alanna took with her ipod touch. sometimes these kids of mine actually get along! they sure are cute together.

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