Sunday, December 18, 2011

dear santa,

all i want for christmas is:

a trip home to visit my family. i miss my mom & dad, brother & sister, and salt lake city so much. searching on google for this photo just made me super homesick. it has been twenty months since our last trip out, and it makes my heart ache just thinking about it.

a new car. both of our vehicles are on the verge of death, but they somehow still keep on keepin'-on! (thanks dan, for always saving the day.) it is nerve-racking, to get into a car every day and wonder if this is the day that it will break down for good? and where will i be when this happens? it actually kinda scares me to death, and i know it stresses danny out too. we would love to have at least one super-reliable and fuel-efficient car.

a trip to disneyland, during the holidays, as a family. meaning all four of us! i think that i will someday convince danny to come along, and i know he will love it there. maybe in a few years, once cars land has opened and the major construction is finished. malcolm and danny will have a blast! i just hope that alanna will still want to go with us by then.

and a late honeymoon for danny and i! hell, at this point i would settle for a nice date night out, away from the kids, haha. we never had a real honeymoon, unless you count the 2,000+ miles we drove with alanna (and a u-haul full of our entire lives) when we moved across country after our wedding. danny and i have never taken a romantic trip together. we actually have never even had an overnight date away, alone as a couple. we have talked about taking a trip to germany together, maybe for our tenth anniversary? but since that is in just four short years, i doubt it will really happen. hopefully someday. i want to see a castle like this.   

oh, and i'd love to have lasik surgery on my eyes. but i will skip the photo of that (yikes!)

i think i've been pretty good this year, santa. is this too much to ask?! ;)

love, lauren


  1. Just hearing about you missing Utah makes me miss it too, even though I don't leave for a few more weeks. I love Salt Lake! I especially love fall.

  2. wow, i totally hope you get all of these! i cannot believe you two never got a proper honeymoon! you need to plan it out and make him take you, you deserve it!

    i will be thinking about you and give salt lake a great big kiss from you... it misses you, too!

  3. i wish i had the money to fly you here cause i totally would! Love you Miss you

  4. Fun list! If you really want lasik, don't watch Final Destination 5. CREEP ME OUT! Gross!