Friday, October 21, 2011


on sunday evening, after we got home from kings dominion, danny sat down with malcolm to carve the pumpkin that he got while at the amusement park. this will be malcolm's fourth halloween, but this was his very first time carving a jack-o-lantern! the past two years were so busy and we never found time to carve our pumpkins together. plus since it is usually still warm here until mid-november or so, they would have rotted in a day or two. so we just left them uncarved. 

malcolm was so excited!

time to remove the guts! 


"clean it off, mom!" haha. he didn't like that cold, slimy feeling. not at all.

and their finished product :)

poor guy was soggy and full of bugs within a day. but it's okay, we will carve more a little closer to halloween. i baked the seeds from this one, but they weren't quite salty enough for my taste (plus i think i left them in the oven too long), so i can't wait to make another batch! 

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  1. so much fun! i love roasting the seeeds, that's my favorite part!