Monday, October 24, 2011

the fair

every october the north carolina state fair rolls into town, and for the past six years i've suggested to danny that maybe we should go? but then we never do. he hates the fair, and has always talked me out of going, stating that it is a waste of money that could be spent on much better things. for four years we listened to his advice and saved our money for our disneyland trips instead. last year malcolm and i attempted to visit, but left after a frustrating hour of traffic and searching for a place to park. i used to take alanna to the utah state fair when she was little, and we always had a fun time (minus the year that she chose to ride "the ring of fire", which made her bawl her eyes out), so i figured that we would enjoy it out here just as much as we did back home.

last tuesday afternoon the kids and i finally made our way to the fair. and yikes, was it a doozy. now i understand why danny never wanted us to go. imagine the utah state fair... but 200 lbs heavier, dipped in batter, and deep fried. oh, and lit on one end. the entire place was one huge concession stand, crowded with people smoking cigarettes. there were food vendors literally hidden in every nook and cranny. we ducked into the crafts & hobbies building, thinking maybe we could escape the smells, only to find multiple food stands inside. it was insane. and totally disgusting. but we had fun in kiddie kingdom, malcolm and alanna enjoyed a few rides, and i learned my lesson for sure. i will never make that mistake again. this was our first, and last, visit to the nc state fair, haha.

malcolm and i loved this mechanical singing fruit & veggie stand. it reminded me of peewee's playhouse. alanna thought it was creepy :)

barrel monster

to the rides!

malcolm did his first ever bungee bounce. he has wanted to do this since he was teeny tiny, but the one in the mall is for bigger kids. or maybe he just wasn't big enough until now? either way, he loved it!

waiting for his turn with alanna, and laughing at the boy that was bouncing.

getting strapped in...

...going up...

...time to jump!
(alanna took these next few photos for me)

pure joy!

we all rode the super slide together. malcolm sat on my lap, and we raced alanna down. it was awesome!

view from the stairs

malcolm loved the obstacle course rides (not sure what they call these things?)

alanna took malcolm through the fun house

then i let alanna pick one crazy ride to go on. danny would have died if he had seen this one in action. it swung side to side while the seating area spun in circles. just watching it gave me anxiety and made me motion sick. i cannot even imagine riding it. of course, she loved it.

we could see this creepy lady from the parking lot across the street. fair rides are so funny to me. 

malcolm played the dart game. he had three tries and popped three balloons (two balloons on the last throw), so he got to choose a prize.

i loved the night sky and all the lit up rides. we left just before it started to rain.

one more time on the obstacle course, before heading home.

the end.


  1. What a cute fair!! And your family is so cute! Good job mama!