Sunday, October 23, 2011

october stroll along the greenway

last weekend we took a lovely stroll along the greenway near our house. the sun was shining, the leaves were falling, and we all enjoyed the exercise. alanna walked lucky dog. malcolm rode his little roadster. danny walked with us (for about a mile, and then ran ahead while we played on the playground). and i took lots of photos from behind, haha. 

visible damage left by the tornado that hit earlier this year. there used to be tons of tall trees right there.  

when we parked malcolm's bike at the playground, we realized that he had a passenger :)

lucky and alanna taking a rest. our dog is thirteen now, so long walks tire him out quickly. he loved being outside, but boy was he pooped. 

look how grey lucky is these days! his face and front legs used to be solid black.

my lil' man

(p.s. i got malcolm that awesome charlie brown tee shirt at the planet snoopy gift shop in kings dominion. i passed on it last year, and then was sad that i had. now i wish i had bought another one in a larger size as well! it's my favorite thing in his dresser right now!) 

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