Saturday, October 1, 2011


yesterday my daughter alanna turned fifteen. last night she celebrated with eleven of her favorite friends from middle school. they laughed, talked about boys, ate junk food, played truth or dare, and made so much noise i thought our neighbors might call the police! i think they all had a fun time. and she got some really great gifts. i'm glad she had a nice day. i did not manage to get any photos of the group, but i did get these two of the cupcakes that i made, before they were served.  

tonight the four of us celebrated with cake after dinner. this one was made by our favorite local bakery and it was delicious. we are all in sugar shock, that's for sure! happy 15th birthday alanna!

tomorrow evening we will celebrate one more time with danny's family! i imagine there will be even more dessert... i don't think i can handle any more sweets, haha!  

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  1. such a grown beautiful lil lady! I cant believe she is 15!! gosh i miss you guys Happy Birthday Alanna~!!!!!