Wednesday, September 7, 2011

august leftovers

mama cat loves her cat grass!

marbles' garden

mmm, starbucks :)

we went to chapel hill a few weeks ago for dinner, and when we pulled into the shopping center where the restaurant is located, this was also pulling in... the oscar mayer wienermobile! i know it might seem strange, since we are a vegan family, but we all got really excited when we saw it. it's totally a piece of americana, and reminds me of my childhood (that song! and those commercials!), so of course we walked over to check it out.  

then we ate our delicious vegan burgers ;)

malcolm napped through the meal.

costco already has toys out for christmas shopping. oh, and christmas decorations too... in august!?

this is what happens out here when there is severe weather on the way. the store shelves get totally wiped out! it's usually just milk, eggs, and bread that sell out, but this was in the natural foods section of our kroger before hurricane irene hit the coast. people are crazy i tell ya!

malcolm napping in the car. with shades, an eye patch, and a "gun" in his hand. this is totally normal, right?!

irene brought some really strong winds, and after the rain stopped danny took advantage of the gusts and flew his kite out in the yard.

the sky was beautiful as the storm was heading north.

since we were stuck inside most of the day while the hurricane traveled past, i made cupcakes! we are so glad that the wind didn't bring down any trees in our neighborhood, and that we never lost our power. i did miss a work shift, since we closed up the store for the afternoon, but it was nice to spend a lazy saturday afternoon at home with my family.

i caught malcolm like this, helping himself to a treat from the kitchen cupboard. naughty boy!

and i'll end this post with my insane family. jumping for joy because a storm was blowing in! we love this rainy time of the year :)