Tuesday, September 20, 2011

one month from tonight

eeep, i'm getting so excited! this will be my fifth time seeing willie nelson perform live. he is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite musician. ever. 

the first time i saw willie was at kingsbury hall in salt lake city in 2002, and i won the tickets off of ebay. i split the price with dustin, my good friend and co-worker. the performance was amazing, and we had a blast. 

the second show was at the weber county fair in 2003 and i went with my brother. we had a good time (especially people watching!), but we wished we could have been closer to the stage. 

the third time i saw him was in roanoke rapids, nc in 2007, and i dragged alanna along. it was the "last of the breed" tour with ray price and merle haggard. the show was over an hour away and outdoors in a big field. we were surrounded by old people smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. i was pregnant with malcolm and alanna was eleven and totally bored, so neither of us were very stoked on the atmosphere. kind of a bummer.

the fourth show was at the dpac in durham in 2009, and i went alone. it was a great concert, and the dpac was brand new and super fancy, so i had a really good time. that was honestly the only time i have ever been to something like that by myself. (i won't even go to the movies alone, because i don't want to look weird. stupid, i know.) plus malcolm was only a year old, and i had not been away from him for that long before either. it was kind of a big deal day. 

next month will be the first time that i will be seeing willie live, with my sweet husband by my side! this is a true testament to how much danny must really love me. if you know him, then you probably know that danny strongly dislikes willie, maybe even loathes him, so for him to have agreed to go with me is saying a lot. i don't think that he would have been this accommodating when we first got married? husband, i hope you enjoy the show, or at least fake like you do. and i really, really hope that they serve coke products ;) thank you for being my date. i love you!  

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