Thursday, September 1, 2011

family fun day 2011

i've had this post saved as a draft for about a week now, but we've been so busy and i never had the chance to finish it up until now. wow august went by fast! on saturday the 20th, dan & vicky came over and we all headed downtown together for family fun day at artspace. alanna attended two summer youth art classes there again this summer, so we got to see her creations on display. it was a fun day. here is the post from last year to see how much she has changed in one short year. dan kindly took all of these photos with his fancy camera. thanks dan! 

this large display was a collaboration that our friend garrett did with the boys & girls club of raleigh. it was really cool. each photo was on a door, they all opened, and inside was artwork that the kids did themselves. 

malcolm got his face painted. last year we waited in a crazy long line, and then when it was his turn, he was too scared to get it done. this year he could have cared less. he chose his favorite veggie, broccoli! 

alanna with the ceramic display pieces from her first class. 

and with the plush creations from her second class.

she made the little guy in the bottom left-hand corner. so cute!

i love this photo. all of us looking in different directions. there was a lot to take in, and i was busy trying to keep malcolm out of trouble. so glad that dan was there to take photos for me

our little family!

beautiful alanna with her ceramics.

time to go home.

these are the pieces that were not chosen to be on display. she is so creative, and did such a great job this year. i especially love her plush characters. i think she could sell them, they are that good. 

yes, his hands are x'd up! haha!
this cat was malcolms favorite, he hugged him and told us he loved him sooo much.
love that lil' guy :)

ta da!


  1. awww wow!! She is very talented! I love it all!! <3

  2. I cant get over how big Alanna is. Shes a full flegged woman. Its insane. Shes quite the artist...I love the little guys she made. Im sure you are a very proud mama!