Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dentist visit

last week the kids went to the dentist. this was malcolm's second ever visit and cleaning, and just like the first visit, he did great! i am so glad that he enjoys going there. i remember really liking the dentsit when i was little. but then i got older and they started pulling teeth (eight at one time, four of which were permanent. ouch!), attaching braces, and making my mouth hurt. i wore those beasts for six years, and my teeth are a mess because of it. i hated the denstist/orthodontist. i still do to this day. i would love to find a dentist who is truly judgement-free, then maybe i would go in for a cleaning and exam. anyway, i hope that alanna and malcolm always enjoy having their teeth cleaned, and that they will always maintain good oral health. oh, did i forget to mention that both of them had great check-ups and NO cavities!? because they did. pretty awesome. we celebrated with cupcakes from whole foods (again)!

he chose these scary monster teeth from the prize drawer, haha :)

waiting for alanna to finish up.

fancy new office!

yay (and rawr), no cavities!

malcolm loves to walk around "the jungle" before we leave.

maybe alanna needs to brush her teeth better?! ;)

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  1. i looooooove the dentist. i went yesterday and the lady told me to lay off the juice. WUT?