Thursday, September 29, 2011

a day at the museum

since i have actually had the past two sundays off of work -first time i've had a full weekend day off in quite a while- we've been taking advantage of some family fun time. let me tell you, there is nothing better than being able to spend the day with the ones you love. and boy do we need it. life lately has been so very busy and our schedules make it so that we don't spend much time together as a family of four, which has been affecting all of us in a negative way. we are doing our best to fix the problem, before it gets any worse.

on the 18th we went to the durham museum of life & science. the last time we
visited this museum, malcolm had just turned two, so he didn't really remember most of it. the weather was perfect, overcast and cool. and to our surprise, the museum was hosting an event that included the ghostbusters, star wars, and a comic book art & collectibles display. fantastic!

alanna says this photo is a perfect example of why she is vegan. can you imagine eating that beautiful gentle creature?! it makes me so sad to think about. alanna loved that guy. it even gave her a kiss on the lips!

the butterfly house

the dinosaur trail

danny's childhood dream come true. dinosaurs and storm troopers at the same time!

of course, we hopped aboard the little train!

i caught this photo in a mirror as we cruised past it :) 

playing while learning about science. pretty cool. 


it's starting to look like autumn in nc :)

malcolm got to meet and have his photos taken with these star wars characters. the museum was pretty quiet by the time we got to them, so they really spent a lot of time talking to him. the r2d2 guy even drove around for malcolm. awesome!

and two more of the ecto 1 before we head for home.

what a great day!

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  1. i love that first train photo! looks like a fun day!