Thursday, July 21, 2011

our new favorite

i know i've said this before, but this time i really mean it... we have found the best park ever in raleigh! i honestly cannot believe that in the past six years since we moved here, that we have never been to this playground before?! how in the world could that have happened?! i remember hearing the name a few times, and rumors of how it was an all wooden playset (just like from my childhood!), but that it was slated to be torn down last year, so i thought that it was gone. the other day we went to the mall so that alanna could spend her money, malcolm slept almost the entire time, and when we left i felt like he needed to run off some of his energy outside. the weather was hot, but not nearly as bad as it has been lately, and i remembered that this park was near the mall, so we decided to see if there was a new playground installed yet. to all of our surprise, the old original playground was still in tact! and it was awesome!

this playground absolutely reminds me of when i was a kid, and how much fun we had at the old murray park and liberty park playgrounds. it was pretty great to be able to climb around on this one with my own children.  

there were funny little old paintings hung in the strangest places.

and big tires just like at granger elementary :) 

the bottom of the "castle" was full of little passage ways, and secret openings. very cool.

no old outdated playground should be without an old steel slide. so scary, yet so fast and fun!

alanna and i were almost too big to fit in all the small spaces and doorways, but she sure had fun playing on this track slide.

there was also a pond behind the playground, with a wooden pathway to a hiking trail. it was beautiful back there.

the city still plans on tearing this gem out, and replacing it with a new more accessible playground (pictured below) that meets the current safety standards. such a shame that someday soon this will no longer exist. but until they have raised enough money for the new playground, which looks like it might be awhile, we will try and visit this as often as we can.

laurel hills park/all children's playground, we love you!

(local newspaper article about it here and here)

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  1. oh wow, what an incredible playground! i love all the wood!