Wednesday, July 13, 2011

june in photos

fun at marbles

alanna all dressed up for her 8th grade formal! wow, when did she become so grown up?! time flies, i tell ya! (with the cutest date ever, ha!)

our garden after one month in the ground!

trips to target. we practically live there.

nap time

these next eight were taken after we attended alanna's summer camp meeting. look at all those turkey vultures! yikes! 

malcolm found a tank!

cool dudes :)

more humongous turkey vultures!

and more trips to target

downtown raleigh at night. we had so much fun eating pizza, and then running around til we thought we would puke. then we got poured on. gotta love the unpredictable summer weather here.

where i spent my saturday evening a few weeks ago. broken down on the side of the highway. i had danny's van, and after all that driving around with my family here (it was the only car that would fit us all), the transmission finally went out. luckily malcolm was with danny, since it was hot out, and i had to turn the engine off. unluckily they were both out at his parents house, so i waited over an hour for them and a tow truck to arrive. bummer, for sure. dan has lent us one of his vehicles, so that we don't have to share my rodeo. we really do appreciate it so much.

malcolm loves to watch movies on vhs. he's old school.

some of our garden's bounty! we've already had at least a dozen cucumbers, but those two were the only squash and zucchini so far. the tomatoes are currently growing by the hundreds!

alanna with her friend lauren, heading off to summer camp! these were actually taken on july 1st, but her leaving for the week seemed like a good way to wrap up the first month of summer. she had a blast, as always, and said that this year was her favorite so far (she's gone to 4H camp for five years now). thank you dan & vicky for giving her the opportunity. i know she looks forward to it all year long.

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