Thursday, July 7, 2011

family visits: part 2 (lots more photos!)

aaaand... i'm back! i have to admit, i haven't been feeling like posting much these days. i've been keeping myself busy, that's for sure, with work (about 15 hours a week), mail order, cleaning the house, keeping the kids from killing each other, and getting items prepped and ready to sell at our bi-annual kids exchange this week. plus, we haven't really been doing anything fun, so i feel like i don't have a lot to post about. danny has been super busy at the shop lately, which is wonderful for combating our debt, but summer is nearly over (alanna goes back to school august 8th), and we haven't gone anywhere as a family. seems like we never do anymore, and it makes me kind of sad. here's hoping that once the weather starts to cool off (in a couple months), we will be able to go on a little family trip somewhere nearby. 

anyway, enough about that. time to finally post part two of my parents trip out here last month. we didn't do much after my brother left, since my mother was feeling so terrible everyday. really, she should have flown home early, but she is stubborn and insisted on staying, plus to change their flights would have been almost the same as what they had originally paid to come out, so they stayed. i think she would have had an easier recovery if they had left early, so that she could have been seen by her normal dr sooner. over a month later, and mom is still sick right now :( we hope you start to feel better soon. 

the day after brad flew home, we went on an evening stroll around the jc raulston aboretum. it was pretty warm out, but the gardens were beautiful. 

ainsley, as soon as i saw this, i thought of you! these photos were not enhanced, this is really how bright and beautiful this plant was! it was my favorite of the whole day!  

my mom's view

a few days before they left, we went back to the ncma so that my mother could spend her gift card. we had mailed it to her for mother's day, so that she could pick a nice souvenir while they were visiting. we ran out of time for her to browse on our first trip to the museum, so we went back. 

while she and alanna took their time finding the right things to purchase, malcolm and i explored outside. it is such a great place.

for father's day, we all headed out to danny's parents house. it was pretty fantastic being able to spend the day with my father, my husband, and my father-in-law, and i really was so grateful. i don't know if that will ever happen again. i honestly don't know if my parents will ever be able to travel out here again, i have a feeling that this might have been their last visit to raleigh. i just hope that we will be able to make our way to utah sometime soon. if only money grew on trees, sigh.

somehow i only took one photo on father's day... of cupcakes! ha! i made these, they are vanilla with orange buttercream frosting, vegan of course. our meal was wonderful, as always (thanks vicky!), and all the delicious dessert was even better. 

in conclusion:

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  1. whoa! those artichoke flowers are awesome! thanks for taking pictures! :)