Thursday, June 23, 2011

so, sooo behind

wow, i cannot believe that there is only one more week left of june. i feel like i say this all the time, but boy of boy has it been crazy around here this month. my family came and went, so i took quite some time off of blogging, and now i am trying to play catch-up. their visit was nice, but exhausting, and i am still trying to recover from it all. i really have no idea who or how many people still visit this blog of mine, but to those of you who do, thank you for reading. and please bear with me while i get back on track. i guess i will start with a wrap-up of leftover photos from may.

malcolm listening to and "reading" along with one of my old record/book sets during lunch

he loves to turn the pages when it "dings"

my work schedule for the week of the (alleged) rapture. bwahaha.
(p.s. funniest boss ever!)

alanna in a sombrero :)

baked salt & vinegar kale chips, and steamed artichokes! yum!

plus gardein chick'n scallopini, crescent rolls, and quinoa melange! best meal ever.

memorial day hangouts at lia & gannon's house. malcolm loved running around with the dudes.

alanna and i loved stuffing our faces, and chatting with the ladies.
(photos stolen from jp's fb page)

last but certainly not least: my new shark steam mop. finally! i love it.

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  1. you know i'm over here drooling over those artichokes ;)