Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my ears are still ringing

my anniversary gift to danny was a date night out to see one of his favorite older bands from when he was younger. a couple weeks ago i surprised him with tickets to see dinosaur jr play live in chapel hill, so last night our friend compton kindly came over to watch malcolm (alanna is away at 4H camp this week), while we ventured out to the show. we shared a veggie burger, endured the most terrible opening act/crowd ever, and had a great time out sans kids. before the band played their set, they came on stage and sat down for an interview by the one and only HENRY ROLLINS, which was nothing short of spectacular. i've never seen him in person before, so it was pretty rad to have him right there in front of us. the show was amazing. but boy was it loud. seriously, so, SO loud. the venue is small, and those guitars were intense. i think i'm gonna be hard of hearing for a while.

oh, and they also totally played this cover. awesome!

danny really enjoyed himself, which makes me happy :)

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