Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the start of something wonderful

on saturday we planted our tiny little garden. i really do have the best mother-in-law (i'm not just saying that because she reads this -hi vicky! but because it is true), and she sure does spoil us. on saturday morning vicky arrived at our house with our little garden in the back of her car. it was sunny and warm, perfect for spending time outside with the family. malcolm helped fill the holes with water, until he started to wilt in the sun. he bailed and went inside to play games on i think he is already addicted to online gaming, and he is only three. uh oh.

alanna and i are so excited to have our own little garden again this year. i love spending time working on it in the evening -dirt under my fingernails and all, and the feeling of accomplishment when the veggies have grown big enough to be picked. i do not love the mosquito bites though. we will do our best to keep it from growing too wild, be eaten by pests, or be pressure-washed (like last year). here's to a summer full of fresh homegrown produce! thanks again vicky, we really appreciate everything you do.

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