Tuesday, May 17, 2011

saturday evening with the fam, plus cam

i had to work saturday morning, but i didn't mind, because we were having an adoption meet & greet "puppypalooza" with nine adorable puppies! plus cuda came to visit too! which made for a great start to the day. it sure was busy at the store. after i got home, we all headed to chapel hill for veggie burgers and to wander around our favorite shops. our friend cameron tagged along. it was a very nice day indeed

malcolm was having so much fun jumping and running around outside of weaver street market. this pretty much sums it up... a blur :) 

i was watching him here, do see his little blur in the corner?

the co-op was all sold out of our favorite vegan chocolate cake, so we headed over to durham to get dessert instead. malcolm and cameron are hilarious together. cambo is definitely one of malcolm's favorites, and he was in rare form all day because of it. that little guy is the best thing ever. 

what?! ;)

while making our way down ninth street in the dark, i discovered the cutest store ever. why have i never noticed it before?! i took this photo to remind me that i need to check it out next time we are in durham. pretty sure it's my new favorite local store... and i've never even been inside it yet! 

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