Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mothers day weekend

this weekend was really nice. i usually have saturdays off of work, but i always work sundays (open to close), so we made mothers day plans around my schedule. on saturday afternoon we went to the movies. the boys and i saw hoodwinked too, which was okay. alanna wasn't with us because she spent the day with a friend from school, at a church youth event downtown. danny and i both liked the first one better, and i think the 3d ruined it for me. malcolm and i had the hardest time keeping our glasses on. boo. he was super fidgety, and wanted to walk down the stairs instead of sit still. i guess he is still too young for the movies, especially ones in 3d that require wearing something on your face. but it was fun to go out and do something we normally don't do. we also visited the local comic book store (free comic book day!), and the local used book store.

before the movie started... and after way too much popcorn and soda!

on sunday danny let me sleep in while he took malcolm on a few errands. they returned with groceries and flowers from trader joe's! malcolm picked out a beautiful bouquet, which smells wonderful. the kids made me a sweet handmade card that doubles as a voucher for a trip out, all by myself! it included two giftcards, one for target, and one for starbucks, so i can grab a frappuccino and enjoy it alone while i pick out something new to wear. sounds fabulous! thanks again danny :) 

i worked 12-6 and afterwards we all met up with danny's family for dinner. we always enjoy spending time with them. vicky, i hope you enjoyed your mothers day, we love you. and mom, i really missed not being able to celebrate with you, but i am so excited to see you soon...

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