Monday, May 16, 2011

look what i found!

a few weeks ago, i was on facebook and i saw a link to the eric carle museum shop blog which i had not visited in a while. i made my way over and read back through quite a few posts, when i was pleasantly surprised to find this post! look ma, that's my leg! appropriately titled "books with impact", eric carle's beautiful illustrations and simple but inspiring stories truly have touched me, and impacted my life forever. how exciting that i was mentioned (not by name) and that she included my photograph as well.

danny took this screen shot with his fancy new mac book. you can click on the image to open it up larger, or just click that second link up there to read the full post. if you haven't been to the eric carle
amazon page before, go check it out, and watch the little video on the right hand side of the screen. sometimes i feel like he has made his books just for me.

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  1. Hi Lauren! So glad to know the face behind the amazing tattoos! I'd love to credit the photo on The Carle Museum's blog, if you'd like! A coworker had passed it along to me and I thought it was just so amazing that I had to include it in my blog post!