Sunday, May 1, 2011

april leftovers

here are a few leftover photos from april. enjoy.

handmade onion rings, made by yours truly.

those eyelashes! beautiful. if only he had inherited them from me.

our back yard. home to wild bunnies, squirrels, and the fatest robins i've ever seen.
(do you see the little bunny?)

this boy is obsessed with making huge guns out of blocks. danny totally encourages it. here's hoping it's just a stage ;)

dinner downtown with my guys, while we waited for alanna to return from her 8th grade field trip to richmond, va. 

i took this photo about an hour after the tornado had passed. it was beautiful outside.

this was a first. they really do love each other so much.

i'm so glad i was able to capture this sweet cuddle session.

i love her.

and i love these. i already want a dozen more pairs.

and finally, this. malcolm takes great photos of me, haha.


  1. those onion rings look awesome! how did you get the batter to stick? i need the recipe, please :)

    also, your cat and dog are so cute! marty would freak if we ever brought an animal home. i was puppysitting my friends jack russell, he's pretty small, and she was awful. that was the only time i ever heard her hiss and she tried to scratch him. sad because i want a dog one day!

  2. Aww I love these photos.

    And I agree, you should post the onion ring recipe! :)

    Annnd one more thing- I've never had Toms! Are they comfy?


  3. thanks ladies!

    ainsley, mama cat is older and i think she was the same way when danny brought lucky dog home, but look at them now! they are both his pets, so i just inherited them :)

    danielle, YES they are so comfy! i've wanted a pair for a couple years now, but they have a very limited selection of vegan styles, which are usually not the cutest. i guess people think that if you are vegan, than you must be an ugly hippie?! haha. i hope they will make some more cute basic vegan styles soon!

  4. i miss lucky dog!....UGH I GOTTA COME VISIT.... Maybe in the fall........

  5. love Tom's too! That is like the only shoe I want to wear now! Why do they have to be sooo expensive?!

  6. I keep meaning to get some Tom's! Justin HATES them, haha. He says they are the ugliest shows ever. I disagree :)