Monday, May 23, 2011

kids together

last week we ventured out to a new (to us) park in our area. i discovered it online, and as soon as i saw the dragon photos, i knew that malcolm would love it there. it is a bit of a drive from our house, but totally worth it. i think this will be one of our new favorite places to play.

the first playground

the second playground

a tire swing! alanna always loved these! all three of us got on it, and it was so much fun :)
(malcolm is laughing, not crying)

dogwood bench (our state flower)

time to leave, but we'll be back!

and as an added bonus, this park is located off the same highway exit as one of our favorite treat spots, the skinny dip. they have a vegan flavor every day, and this day was german chocolate cake! so good!

what a great afternoon.