Thursday, May 12, 2011

in four weeks

my mother and father are coming to visit! april 6th marked the longest stretch that alanna and i have ever gone without seeing them. one whole year. which is much, much too long. now that my parents are getting older, it is really hard being so far away from them. not to mention how sad i feel when i think about how much of malcolm's little life they have missed in that time span. one whole year in toddler years is monumental. i am thankful for this blog of mine, so that they are able to keep up with us, but it is a shame that they don't get to see the kids grow in real time. alanna has sprouted like a weed this past year, and i'm afraid they won't even recognize her when they see her! ;)

we had planned to use part of our tax refund to take a trip out to salt lake city, but when we got the news from our accountant that we were not getting a refund... and that we actually owed a few hundred dollars, my heart sank. (last year our refund was over $5,000. wth?) thankfully my parents got a refund this year, which they chose to put toward booking their flights to nc! airfare is outrageous right now, borderline criminal in my opinion, and it is very frustrating not being able to travel as much as we used to. we are so happy and excited that they are able to come visit us, since we cannot afford a trip home this year. it has been nearly two years since they've been here, we've moved and are in a smaller house now, with a much smaller bathroom... so here's hoping we all survive living together for twelve days! ha! 

oh yeah, and as an added bonus... they are also flying my brother out for a handful of days too! this will be his very first visit to raleigh. it's about damn time he came out, since we've lived here nearly six years! north carolina is a beautiful state, i think he will like it here. i hope he doesn't get too terribly bored or annoyed by us, and that he enjoys seeing where i now call "home". 

love you guys!

*p.s. i had originally planned on posting this on thursday night (like the date shows), but then blogger was down for a few days, so it is late going up. i also think that my last two posts didn't show up on the blogger dashboard, so if that is how you follow along with me, then maybe read back a post or two. thanks! :) 

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  1. whoa, i cant believe its already been over a year since you were in slc! how time flies.........