Friday, May 6, 2011

happy mail

oh goodness, i love getting things in the mail. this week has been full of fun mailbox surprises! i've been reading this blog, the dainty squid, for over a year now, and i just love all of the cute things kaylah makes for her etsy store. so when i saw that she was having a sale, i jumped at the chance of getting some great items at a great price. these two pouches are so much cuter in person, and i am very pleased with the quality. i will definitely be back for more, and if you are looking for a cute gift idea, be sure to check out her shop/blog. 

the same day that my second pouch arrived, i also received a package from petit collage! do you remember when i featured their books on my blog here? well, i saw that they were offering a free signed book just for participating in a quick survey, so i did, and wow were they ever fast! in less than a week my book had already arrived at our door. it looks like they are still offering this wonderful deal on their site, so click on that link above and get yourself a free board book! your child will love it :)

and the best package of the week came from my mother. she is so sweet and always remembers me on mothers day. i know that it may seem odd that my mother sends me gifts, since it should be the other way around, and normally the husband/boyfriend/etc. is the one who gives the gifts instead. but ever since my very first mothers day, she was the one who always remembered me. for those eight years while i raised alanna as a single mother, she always gave me a little something to let me know that i was doing a great job, and to show me just how proud she was of me. she has always supported and encouraged me, no matter what. even after i got married and chose to move so far away, she still sends me something each mothers day, and it means so much to me. she really is the best mother i could have asked for, and i truly appreciate everything she does for me.  

not to mention that she probably knows me better than anyone else. despite living so far apart these past six years, she still knows just the perfect things to give me. i guess i haven't changed much since back when i still lived at home? she found this eric carle scrapbooking kit at costco, and knew that i would love it. boy was she correct. i actually cried when i opened up the package. i cannot wait to put it together and fill the pages with photos of my little family. it is going to be so cute. thank you again mom for being so thoughtful, i love you.

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