Friday, April 29, 2011

our easter

in pictures:

my mom sent us an easter package. we always love opening the box to see what she has stuffed inside! thanks for everything mom.

after visiting the bunny at the mall

danny made us bunny pancakes on easter morning, he used a new recipe and they were delicious. my mom sent us the bunny pancake mold. 

we headed to gamma bicky and pop's house, and found this note taped to their front door :)

we spent lots of time outside 

malcolm loves to "take a ride" on all of pop's motorcycles

we played a humorous and at times intense game of badminton with the family

dessert! (wish i had also taken a photo of vicky's wonderful vegan lasagna)

it was nice to have sunday off of work, even if i don't care much for this holiday (too much sugar and candy in our house!! eeep!) and to have spent the day with family. i hope you had a nice easter weekend as well.

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