Monday, April 4, 2011

marbles & BUZZ DAY!!

last wednesday was a busy day for malcolm. at noon we took a little trip to marbles to play until it was time to pick alanna up from school. then the three of us headed to the mall so that alanna could spend the money dan & vicky had given her. while we were there we stopped in the disney store to get malcolm some new pj's. no more footie pajama's, since he is using the potty now. i let him chose the designs, and of course he chose a woody pair, and a buzz pair. that boy sure does love toy story! 

a marbles employee asked malcolm if he would like to go out into the garden and help plant a little lettuce plant. he did such a great job! i can't wait until we can start our own little garden this year. i know he will love helping alanna and i take care of it. 

we discovered a brand new play section while at marbles. this area used to have a pretend post office and shipping truck, which have now been replaced by a new "pet vet" play area. very nice! 

after danny got home from work we had dinner and then went to target. we've been working on getting malcolm to stay in his own bed at night. for many months he's been getting up in the night and climbing into our bed. at first we didn't mind (i think we both secretly liked having him close by), but then he started coming in earlier and earlier, which meant less and less quality sleep for danny and i. some nights i would put him back in his own bed, but most of the time i was too tired. our queen size bed just isn't big enough for the three of us... plus lucky dog, who takes up 90% of it already. not to mention that the frame is badly broken and is slowly caving in on one side. 

danny had mentioned malcolm's sleep habits to another dad at the park, who had been having the same problem at home, and he gave us a great idea. he suggested that we use a calendar, a set date, and a little bribery, to help show malcolm how long he needed to sleep in his own bed before he would earn a reward. we chose one week, and malcolm chose a buzz lightyear doll (he's been asking for one ever since his birthday, to go with his woody doll). i printed out a calendar page for the fridge, and each morning after he had stayed in bed all night, he got to put a sticker on the calendar. he did a really good job all week, and was so excited for buzz day!  

buzz meeting woody :)

one of his best days ever!

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