Wednesday, April 6, 2011

let's go fly a kite

this weekend sure was windy! on saturday danny thought it would be fun to go fly kites. we picked up a couple of new ones at target and then headed to duke gardens in durham. on the drive there i thought our car might get blown off the highway, the wind gusts were so strong. but once we finally got to our destination, and found a nice open area to play, the wind was nowhere to be found? danny and alanna got their kites up a few times, but then the gusts would send them crashing to the ground. while they fought it out, malcolm and i went exploring. it was a beautiful day, a bit chilly, but it felt so good to spend time outside.

after leaving the gardens, we enjoyed some delicious mexican food at our favorite local dive, cosmic cantina. when we arrived back home in raleigh it was still windy, so danny sent his kite back up, and wouldn't you know it, that thing went up, up, up... and stayed up! haha! we drove all that way, he spent half the day trying to get it in the air, and then in the comfort of our own yard, he was able to let out all of the string! pretty funny. i'm just glad our day didn't end like it did on our kite flying day last year, found here :)