Friday, April 8, 2011

happy birthday to you

today my wonderful husband turns thirty seven! yesterday morning i made him a secret vegan cherry cheesecake, it is one of his favorites and i don't make it very often. i hid it in the fridge behind some leftovers and a few loaves of bread, and then surprised him with it after dinner. once the kids had gone to bed, we both enjoyed a slice and watched the office together on dvd. then we discussed how close he is to turning forty, and how insane that seems since most of the time he still acts like a child, haha. 

danny, i hope you know how much the kids and i love you. you mean the world to us, and we are lucky to have you. no, you do not look forty, and honestly, i hope you never act it either. i love you just the way you are (baby weight and all), and i am looking forward to getting old and wrinkly with you... uh, if we survive life with these kids of ours. yikes! hap, hap, happiest birthday to you! :)   


  1. Awwe this is so sweet! Happy Birthday Danny!

  2. Happy birthday to Danny! :) I love that photo.