Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter bunny day!

this was taken on our second visit to see the easter bunny at the mall... the first one was tragic, and malcolm has asked me not to mention it again. this time he got his "big flash" with the bunny! after multiple attempts at a photo, each time pulling a different funny face and making the entire photo staff (and danny and i) laugh and laugh, we finally got a great shot. that little malcolm sure is silly. and alanna sure is a good sport for posing with him... even if she did complain a little. she was definitely bigger than the bunny was, ha! :)


  1. "malcolm has asked me not to mention it again" hahahaha adorbs

  2. happy happy easter! i looked everywhere for a bunny like that but couldn't find one. we even missed him at the mall. ugh.