Wednesday, April 27, 2011


it's been a busy couple of weeks, so i am playing catch-up on my blog today. i've been working more hours lately, which means this space has been a bit neglected, and my free time is spent with my family instead. i actually worked six days in a row earlier this month, which is the most time i have spent out of the house (sans kids) since january of 2008 -before malcolm was born. no complaints here :) i do often wonder though, how full-time working mothers get everything done? i only work part-time, and on those days i feel like our house is a wreck, and that i won't ever catch up on what needs to be done. how in the world do you ladies juggle it all?!

anyway, so remember when i posted that it was my husbands birthday on the 8th? well on the 9th it was my turn, and i turned thirty-one! our birthdays are a day apart, so each year we get to celebrate them together. it's pretty great. a few days before the big day, i received this large package in the mail

my sister sent me this bike basket that i asked for from cb2. thanks again natalie!

on the morning of my actual birthday we all headed out to danny's parents house, where we dropped off the kids so that danny and i could go on a date. we had a delicious lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants in durham. we saw a movie at the carolina theater, and then danny treated me to some shopping at the mall. what a sweet husband i have, he waited patiently while i tried stuff on at victoria's secret (coffee kept him company, ha!) and then again in urban outfitters. i love you husbandito.    

this is how we found malcolm when we got back. wiped out. he and grandpa dan played hard.

vicky made us a wonderful meal

(here is malcolm's opposite shot)

and then we had cake!

danny surprised me with this cake from blue moon bakery. it was sooo good, one of the best cakes i've had in a long time. reminded me of why they are so expensive.

danny gave me these beautiful day lilies (my favorite!) from whole foods, and the kids made me a cute card.

debbi and the girls at work gave me this gerber daisy 

my mom and dad sent us each a card with some spending money, which was well spent. danny picked up a couple new records while we were out on our date. and i bought my very first pair of toms! i love them. thanks guys!

malcolm took this photo. he is an aspiring photographer :)

i don't mind getting older, i actually love being in my thirties. and i sure do love this family of mine.

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