Wednesday, March 16, 2011

whole foods tour

today was the grand opening of a brand new whole foods market in north raleigh. it's a bit of a drive from our house, but it is closer to danny's mother than the current (old and small) location near us, so she has been anticipating this new arrival for quite a while. i heard last week that the grand opening was coming right up, so i googled for the date and found that they were offering sneak preview tours of the store. i signed us up, and on monday afternoon, alanna, vicky, and i went on a tour of the new digs, while danny took malcolm to the park nearby. it is a beautiful store -huge, and spacious, and brightly lit (led lighting). the layout and amenities are great, and this particular location is super "green", meeting LEED standards and qualifying for gold certification. (yes, i am a hippie, and yes i was very impressed with all of the info we received about how green this new store is!)

i took this photo for danny... look husband, vegan crabcake sandwhiches! yum! :)

the tour was long, like an hour and a half, and once we had made our way through it all, we were each given a reusable tote full of free samples and coupons. it did cost us $5 each to take the tour, which was donated to the local YMCA and food bank (thanks vicky for paying our way!) but i think we received well over that amount in free goodies. pretty awesome.

they had these "fruit cocktail" trees for sale outside. pear, plum, nectarine, and apricot all growing on the same tree!? seriously? yes, please!

we all loved these beautiful flowers. i can't wait to start making our yard pretty.

vicky also surprised me with a new vegan cookbook. she bought a copy for herself and liked what she has tried so far, so she thought we would like it too. thanks again vicky!do any of you have this book? and if so, which recipes do you like?

late this evening we took a trip to the new store to get a few staples (vegenaise, daiya cheese, etc) that we can't get at our usual stops (trader joes & kroger) and to check out the selection. we are hoping they will get in more vegan items, but the staff was helpful and said that they planned to when we asked about certain things (dandies marshmallows and cupcakes from the bakery) so we will definitely be shopping there more often. i know a lot of people don't agree with some of the business practices and ethics that whole foods follows, but i am grateful that we have stores like this that offer so many great vegan items.


  1. YAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!! a SUNFLOWER FARMERS MARKET opened 2 blocks from my excited to have afforable healthy food close finally

  2. bethany, i've never heard of sunflower, but i just looked it up online and it looks wonderful! wish we had that out here too! :)

  3. i have that book! ron bought it for me for xmas.. he cooks more than i do i'm afraid so i'd have to ask him what he has made me from it so far haha.. i love all her books though so i am certain its a winner..

    i miss dan and vicky so much! please send my love to them!

    miss you guys <3333