Wednesday, March 23, 2011

welcoming spring

it is definitely springtime in raleigh, and it is beautiful here. plants are in bloom, the grass is starting to grow green, the weather is wonderful, and we are trying to spend as much time outside as we can. as i type this, thunder is clapping outside the window, and it is starting to rain. i love this time of the year.

on monday, malcolm and i spent a good part of our day exploring our yard. we have only lived in this house about 9 months now, so this is our first time enjoying this season here. i took some photos.

he found this little frog toy. it probably belonged to one of the three dogs who lived in this yard before us.

these large bushes on the side of our house are currently covered with the prettiest flowers. anyone know what type of bush/flower these are?

even the dying ones are beautiful.

the large rosemary bush by our front door is also in bloom. it smells so good.

a boy and his dog.

thank goodness for that old tuff shed. we don't have a garage, covered porch, or back deck, so everything goes in there. our many bikes, the mower, malcolm's outdoor toys and kiddie pool, etc. 

jack dogrel