Wednesday, March 9, 2011

good month, so far

march sure has started off nicely. on the first, alanna and i met up with danny's sister catherine to see gnomeo & juliet in 3D, and boy was it cute! like really, really cute! and i'm not just saying that because i love gnomes! if you like cutesy animated movies, go see it, you won't be disappointed :)

the theater had this life sized cutout of justin bieber, and since alanna loves him (like really, really loves him, haha!) we made her pose for a picture. she was pissed, and said something about how she didn't want to do it "because it would just end up on mom's blog." welp... here it is. she'd be so mad if she actually read my blog.

we took a trip to marbles and had a lot of fun because it was pretty empty. malcolm met a new friend while we were there, and they had a great time running around and playing together. (he also made a new friend at our neighborhood park. danny has been taking malcolm up there almost daily so that they can play. i've only been with them once to meet andrew, but next time i go, i will try and get a photo of the boys together) i love that he is at the age where he is interested in befriending others, and likes to meet new people. he's becoming so independent!

on saturday we went to chapel hill for a few hours. we made our usual stops at the comic book store, the record store (danny), the local co-op -for vegan cake/apple pie/coffee, and the used book store, before heading home. it was a lovely day.

malcolm being silly...

...until he noticed the teeny tiniest lil' bug on his hand. then he got really upset, and almost started to cry. this boy has suddenly become seriously afraid of bugs. i don't know where it comes from, but i hope it doesn't last long?!

on monday afternoon the kids went to the dentist. this was malcolm's very first visit and cleaning, and he was so good the whole time. alanna has been a patient there since we first moved to raleigh, and we've always been pleased with their service. they recently remodeled and updated their office, and it is so nice now.

malcolm went back with alanna, while i finished filling out his paperwork in the waiting area. when i joined them, he was sitting on a little chair while the hygienist explained to him what she was doing to alanna's teeth. it was so cute. then another hygienist came in and said it was his turn in the room next door. he got up in the chair by himself and let her do what she needed to do, without any fuss. i was so proud of him. i've been prepping him for a couple months now, explaining what would happen, and he was such a big boy while we were there!

all done, and NO cavities! hooray! he got to choose a toothbrush and something from the prize drawer.

alanna had no cavities as well, like usual, she always has good checkups. we are fortunate that the kids have good teeth. my teeth were (are) a disaster as a child.

this is the walkway to the dentist office. it is located inside of a professional park, that is designed like a conservatory. it is so green, and lush, and pretty.

after the dentist, i took the kids to get huge vegan carrot cupcakes from whole foods, as their reward for such a wonderful appointment. you know, because that's how i roll :)

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  1. holy crap! seeing alanna on that bench made me think of myself at that age... she looks just like i did! crazy.