Monday, March 7, 2011

february in photos

aaaand... i'm back! sorry for the brief hiatus, but wow february was a wild month... full of ups and downs, and i'm glad it is over.

malcolm has been a typical three year old since his birthday, running hot and cold, challenging everything, and throwing a tantrum at the drop of a hat. he is so smart and sweet these days, but he is in constant need of my attention, and will rarely sit quietly by himself like he used to. his favorite three words are, "play with me", which drives me (alanna and danny) crazy, haha!
i've been working three days a week, and although i get time away from the house and the kids (which i love), i still feel like i have little to no time to myself... resulting in my serious lack of blogging. that and i was also kinda burned out on posting here. sometimes i feel like what i post is monotonous, and that no one is reading anyway... but then i was asked by my mother and husband why i had not updated lately, so i'm glad that they still enjoy reading this blog of mine.

i finished my 365 photo project last month, and since i don't need a photo a day anymore, i haven't been taking many photos these days. tisk, tisk. here are some that we did manage to get, in order of when they were taken (a few are from danny's phone).

the saturday before valentines day i took malcolm to marbles for a members only valentines day event. it was very crowded, but we had fun. while waiting to take our turn with "cupid's arrow", another mother repeatedly referred to malcolm as a girl, saying, "stand behind this little girl, wait until she finishes, and then it's your turn." seriously?! he was wearing toy story sneakers, jeans, and a red and black hoodie? so annoying.

all tuckered out after all that playtime.

after his mistaken identity at the children's museum, we decided that malcolm needed a haircut. here is the before...


...and after. much better!

a couple photos danny took:

malcolm had his three year checkup on valentines day. the dr. said he looks great, his weight and height are right around the 50th percentile, so he has averaged out (instead of being way under). and he was really well behaved at the appointment.

napping with mama cat

the newest issue of high five magazine came in the mail (thanks again mom, he loves it!) i handed it to him when we came in the front door, and a minute later when i looked over to check on him, this is what i saw, haha. look at how many subscription cards were in that copy! and we already have a subscription!

the weather has been unseasonably warm. areas all over the country were getting dumped on by snow, and we were having spring-like temps -in february! nc is so strange sometimes. malcolm took many trips to the park with daddy.

trying out the little camp chairs at dick's sporting goods.

we tried a new dish for dinner. i actually found the recipe idea on the side of a del monte can, altered it so that it was vegan, and it was delicious! malcolm even cleaned his plate! yum! quick and easy succotash with drop biscuits.

this is what a typical morning looks like. malcolm sprawled out in our bed.

we took another stroll at the ncma. here is our attempt at a family photo. now if only danny and alanna would smile.

a metal tree (sculpture) full of birds! so awesome!

some other highlights from february (not pictured):

managing to get all of the bills paid, phew.

spending time with our sweet friend annie, before she moved back to germany.

danny surprising me with a sneaky date on the sunday before valentine's day... we went to dinner at noodles & co. and then saw black swan, which we both loved.

a very generous gift from my wonderful boss debbi... have i mentioned here how much i love and appreciate having my job back?! because i do.

danny's less than three year old laptop died (which is a bad thing), but we were able to replace it with a macbook (thanks to best buy and their interest free financing). he is beyond ecstatic. i think he might actually love it more than he loves me :)

our friend compton was kind enough to watch the kids twice (the first was for our valentine's date), so that danny and i could have date night. we saw unknown starring liam neeson (i love him), and it was pretty good. we both enjoyed it.

and the end of february marks the birth of the two most important women in our lives... danny's mother vicky (on the 27th), and my sweet mother (on the 28th). we were able to celebrate vicky's birthday with the family at the local mexican place, and we all had a nice time... especially malcolm, who slept through dinner and woke up just in time for cake, haha!

this was the sixth year that we have not been home to celebrate my mothers birthday, and lately i've been feeling very homesick. vicky sent her a birthday card with the sweetest letter inside, and when my mother read it to me over the phone it made me cry. i feel so fortunate to have such a great mother-in-law, i know that many women have to deal with the opposite. it is really hard being so far away from my family, but having dan and vicky out here is such a blessing. we had a bouquet of flowers made for my mother by an old high school friend of mine, and she says they were beautiful.

i hope you ladies had a wonderful birthday. we love you very much!

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  1. awesome!~ Miss you guys! LOTs!!!!!!!!!!! wishin i could afford to come for a visit!