Friday, February 4, 2011

malcolm's third birthday party (photo overload)

we threw malcolm a party last sunday, on his birthday. we had friends & family over to our house for a little food, fun, and of course, lots of cupcakes! malcolm had a blast, and the party was a hit. i hope everyone enjoyed themselves, i know the kids did, it was a wild rumpus over here! since i was busy with the party prep etc, i recruited grandpa dan to take photos with his fancy camera. thanks pop, they turned out great!

the birthday boy!

baby dexter and lynn

tickle torture by uncle billy

uncle billy & aunt catherine

tommy, alicia & luc (what a ham!)

addison & damien (lana couldn't make it due to her crazy work schedule, but nathan was kind enough to bring the kids!)

dexter, justin & lynn

compton, danny & annie

malcolm chose a rubber duck themed party :)

look at that happy face!

jonathan & annie

the guys hanging out

the kids having fun, and getting crazy, in malcolm's room

the cupcakes! :)

i made three dozen cupcakes the day before. vegan vanilla, and vegan chocolate, with fluffy buttercream frosting. they were wonderful! and i think they turned out pretty dang cute.

getting ready to sing "happy birthday"

malcolm blowing out his candles (sorry my big head got in the way)

he loved it, haha!

we are very grateful for all the wonderful gifts that were given to malcolm. he really is so super spoiled by everyone we know. he truly loved everything he received, and after opening each present, he would say "oh, that's what i wanted!" even if it was something he had never even seen before, haha. and we were sure to have him thank each person before going on to the next gift. we are doing our best at raising him to be thoughtful, considerate, and polite. so far, so good.

little dexter playing with malcolm's new tonka truck

i think i was saying "does it fit?!", haha. i love paul frank.

losing momentum...

the castle was from vicky & pop, and he loves it!

this trike was his gift from my mom and dad. they bought it from amazon, so it was sent straight to us and we put it together the night before the party. it's pretty badass. thanks again guys :)

garrett & his girlfriend megan

lucky dog was banished to the backyard during the party, where he proceeded to bark the entire time. he honestly barked non-stop for 2+ hours, and it was that annoying yelp-like bark, as if he were being stabbed. our poor neighbors. i'm thankful no one called the cops. sheesh. he sure was happy when we let him back inside. happy and exhausted, haha. what a mess of a dog.

after most of the guests had left, we went out in the front yard. the weather was perfect. warm and sunny and wonderful. strange how much it differs from year to year, last year it snowed on malcolm's second birthday!

malcolm & luc ran and ran around. they raced down the little hill, and luc rode that little car down the sidewalk like a maniac! it was so funny.

even vicky got in on the running :)

thanks to everyone who was able to make it out. a few friends weren't able to come, and we missed you. malcolm was so excited to have a party just for him, it was worth all the time spent cleaning, baking and preparing food etc., but next year we are definitely going the easy route, and celebrating at chuck-e-cheese's instead! ha!


  1. awesome ....wish i couldve been there! Your hair looks amazing!! your sooooo pretty miss! malcolm is getting soooo big what a sweetie! :)

  2. I can't believe how big he is! Great job on the party, Mom!

  3. cuuuute cuppys! happy birthday malcolm!

  4. This looks so fun! Cutest theme too :) Wish I could've made it!

  5. what a fun party! happy birthday malcom! your cupcakes are ADORABLE!

  6. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about this until you commented on my birthday post! Awesome that our boys will be having the same themed bday! Your offer is so sweet, I'm not sure if we're doing cupcakes yet but if we do then I'll totally take you up on that. And pay you for shipping too! We'll be in touch :)