Thursday, February 10, 2011

january wrap-up

january was a busy month, and i didn't get to blogging as much as i had liked to. february seems to be following in the same footsteps. life moves too fast sometimes. here are some photos that i never got time to post.

we took a trip up the street to the park, without any jackets on!

my reading material
(have any of you ever ordered flor tiles before? if so, do you like them?)

naps in strange places (this is right inside of the front door, and he was angled around the door jam, ha!)

lunch at the cosmic cantina

we all got together for dinner at the local chinese place, to celebrate dan's birthday. i made a test batch of vegan vanilla cupcakes to practice for malcolm's party the following weekend. vicky made this giant cookie with dan's portrait on it! haha :)

happy birthday pop!

vicky took these next four photos of us

malcolm and luc had fun playing together at monkey joe's

malcolm opening up his birthday package from my parents

he loves the bath foam and play razor

and like any true fan, he insisted that i put his name on woody's boot, just like andy did. if anyone asks him what it says, he says "andy" instead of "malcolm", haha. he cracks me up so much, i just love him to pieces.

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