Saturday, February 12, 2011

happy mail

this week malcolm helped me with his birthday thank you cards. i wrote a little note expressing our appreciation for each gift, sealed and addressed the envelopes, and then had malcolm stamp them with a finger paint "high five"! he loved doing the hand prints, and i love that he was able to sign each one in his own way.

i forgot to post his party invitation with his birthday photos, but here is what they looked like (minus the weird scribble... we enjoy a little privacy) i found the image online, and my sweet husband helped me add the text in photoshop. they turned out awesome! back when we had first decided to throw malcolm a party, i asked him what theme he wanted. he chose rubber ducks, and i figured he would change his mind by the actual date, but he never did. this artwork is from one of our very favorite books by eric carle, and was the inspiration for the (simple) decor at his party.

after creating the invitations and having them printed out at costco (who did a great job, was extremely fast, and charged a fraction of what walgreens was going to charge me!) i stumbled upon these thank you cards at target! seriously!? sometimes i think that target can read my mind. they matched a baby shower invite that also featured the eric carle rubber ducks, but they didn't say anything baby related, so i snatched up a couple packs.

and how cute are the green striped envelopes they came with?! love them. his hand prints turned out so cute. i hope that they have all arrived at their destinations safe and sound.

i went to work for a few hours wednesday night, and came home to a pleasant surprise. back in november i won a giveaway on danielle's lovely blog. this was the first time i have ever won anything like this online, and i was so excited! my package had some trouble getting to me, but finally made it to my doorstep, and it was definitely worth the wait.

i won a prize pack from gypsy05 clothing company based out of hollywood california, valued at over $300! whaaat?! they sent me this, these, and this -which a love. the sweatpants (or j. lo gear -as danny would refer to them) are so soft and comfy, and will be great for lounging around the house... but i wouldn't be caught dead wearing them out in public, haha. thanks again danielle and sarah, i am very grateful to have won!

here's me in my new sweater, i love it!

and the softest coziest sweatshirt ever

also, yesterday afternoon another large box was delivered to our door... a valentines day care package from my mother! she is so sweet, and always takes the time to collect and mail us the cutest stuff around the holidays. we always love opening up the boxes to see what surprises (and treats) are waiting inside! this is just the top of the box, it was full of all kinds of pink & red goodies, including a new apron and some baking items. we love you mom, thanks again :)


  1. Cute stuff! Congrats on winning :) The Thank You card was cute too. Dexter loves to point at it on the fridge and say "Da"...which I claim is him saying "duck" hehe

  2. cute invites malcolm!

    and you totally deserved to win that giveaway lady... yay!

  3. i LOVE the party invitations and thank you cards, seriously what a great idea! i'm laughing at the smiley face painted on his chest and drooling over those sweaters. adorable!