Thursday, December 16, 2010

playing catch-up

wow, it's already been two weeks since i last posted on here. i really need to be better about updating more often. december is just such a crazy busy month, and with the kids, being back at work, and getting ready for the holidays, i honestly haven't felt like taking the time to post. that and malcolm keeps me super distracted in the day (he hates when i am on the computer), but by the time he is in bed, i'm wiped out. i'm working on this while he naps. here is a taste of what has been going on.

i thought it would be nice to start out with some cupcakes. danny brought these home for me from whole foods. this one was because he was taking alanna to the movies, and i couldn't go.

and this one was just because. he is so sweet. mmm, vegan cupcakes, hot tea, text messages, and tabloid magazines! perfect.

on friday the 3rd, i took the kids to visit santa at the mall. we got a photo taken, but i need to scan it before i can post it.

this giant tree is outside of the mall. it was huge!

on saturday the 4th, we drove to charlotte for dexter's first birthday party! it started to snow on the way there and it was so pretty.

the party was wild. justin and lynn's house was filled with people, and kids, and gifts, and toys. malcolm had a blast, it was fun to watch him talk to people and play with the other little guests. i didn't get very many good photos, but hopefully justin did. lynn, you need to post them soon! :) during presents, alanna compared their living room with the scene on toy story 3 where the toys first meet all the kids in the day care, hahaha!! it was a mad house.

that is dexter on the left. he is getting so big, so fast. i wish we could see them more often. malcolm asks to play with him all the time, but with a 2.5+ hour drive each way, our visits are few and far between.

malcolm was crowding, and "helping" open all the gifts. naughty. sorry lynn.


malcolm really liked playing with this little boy.

on the drive home, we stopped for coffee and there was so much snow on the ground. (we don't get much in nc)

malcolm was so excited!

this is what our front yard looked like when we finally got home! (looong drive)

the next day

it wasn't much snow, but malcolm loved being outside in it anyway.

danny took him to the park to play in it. yes, without a coat, or gloves, or boots. tisk, tisk. by the time they got home his jeans and shoes were soaking wet, and his little hands were frozen. poor little guy. i guess we need to buy the missing items mentioned above.

malcolm took this photo of me :)

we've made many trips to costco recently. thanks goodness for costco, what a great place to buy gifts!

we took a little trip to marbles.

danny, malcolm, and mama cat took a little nap.

last saturday we took a trip to a brand new frozen yogurt bar that just opened in raleigh. they feature one vegan flavor each day, and they were giving out free servings for their grand opening. all the employees were super nice and helpful, and the owner told us about the different vegan options. plus they gave malcolm a free tee shirt. we will definitely be frequenting this place often!

malcolm was all over the place. this photo pretty much sums up how he was acting while we were there.

vegan soy peppermint soft serve with lots of yummy toppings!

malcolm is such a big boy these days. we officially took away his binky last week, and it was rough. we've been talking about it for a while now, and i explained to him how he was chewing through them, and that once this last one had been chewed, we would be throwing it out and we wouldn't get any more. he helped me put it in the trash, and then he bawled and bawled. it was so sad, but it needed to be done. we had let it go for way too long. the first three nights he cried and cried for it, and it was heartbreaking. but he did so good, and now he barely ever even mentions it. we are so proud of him.

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  1. Hey Lauren! Cute pictures. I'm glad you guys got 1 inch of snow, hahah! Your kiddies are so cute and getting so big.