Thursday, December 30, 2010

our christmas

we had a very nice christmas this year. i meant to get this post up right after the weekend, but monday morning i woke up with a severe toothache (the same bad tooth that gave me trouble months ago) which pretty much consumed my whole day. thank goodness danny works for himself, and was able to stay home and help me out around the house. i felt absolutely awful. it still aches, but we were able to make an appointment with the dentist for next monday. i guess ibuprofen will be my best friend until then.

here are a lot of photos that i took on christmas eve/day.
all the gifts under the tree after santa dropped by :)

the kids had so much fun opening their presents

probably his favorite gift

sleepy eyes...

...and crazy bed head hair. perfect christmas morning photos :)

malcolm and his bounty!

alanna and (most) of hers!

my parents sent us some really great gifts. my mother gave me this cute cupcake stand and tea towel, along with a generous gift card, new pj's, and a pretty scarf. thanks again mom!

alanna and malcolm made these cards for danny and i. love them.

this was my gift from danny and alanna. they made this seat cushion for the toy bench in malcolm's bedroom. that old bench was made by one of my uncles when i was a little (maybe even before i was born?) and alanna had used it in her bedroom in utah. when we moved to nc, it came with us, and then when we moved into this new house in june, it made its way into malcolm's room. i had planned on painting it, and also making a pad for it, but had never gotten around to it. so danny and alanna helped me along by making the seat cushion. (good thing i never ordered the fabric online that i had planned on using.)

alanna sewed the cover all by herself, she even did the measurements and figured out how to make the corners and everything! i guess she really did learn something in her sewing class last year (she used the design from a purse that they had made, as a guide for the cover.) then danny screen printed the caterpillar and strawberries on it at his shop. they even used snaps to close the back side, so that it is easily removable in case it needs to be washed. they did a great job, and it looks really nice in his room. thanks guys!

while we were putting it in malcolm's room, lucky dog was naughty and helped himself to one of alanna's gifts. he loooves opening presents, haha!

in the afternoon we headed out to danny's parents house for dinner, and more gifts for the kids. we all love spending christmas evening at their house.

alanna and her favorite present... a kindle!

my handsome boys

malcolm relaxin' in his new recliner :)

vicky's wonderful meal!

we really appreciate all of the terrific gifts that were given to the kids. they love all of them, and will (hopefully) keep them busy for a while, haha. thank you all so much for everything. we really are so lucky to have such great families. i just wish that my side wasn't so far away. love you guys.


  1. that bench is so great! and even better that alanna sewed it for you!
    I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas (Minus the toothache- those are the WORST)!

  2. So Fun, I love the bench cover and the "lazy boy". Also the socks that the dog opened, that is funny, our dog wouldnt wake up for presents, it interfeared with her beauty rest.

  3. The kids are getting soooo grown! love the christmas posts!

  4. I love all of these pictures...and what a wonderful xmas you guys had! Happy Holidays from the Genet's! <3

  5. You have such a beautiful family!