Tuesday, December 21, 2010

little bits of christmas

this has been a very busy, and sometimes stressful month, but we are finally as close to being ready for christmas as we will get. i still need to wrap the gifts, and make a few treats, but those things i enjoy so they will be easy. you read that right, i really like wrapping presents. when i was younger, my dad would send me out to shop for my mothers gifts, and then he would pay me to wrap them up. i always liked doing it for him, and all those years of wrapping gave me lots of practice. i think i do a pretty good job :)

i am working this evening, thursday night, and most of the day on christmas eve, so i will be busy right up until christmas day! i cannot wait until saturday morning when the kids get to open up their gifts. malcolm is now old enough to be excited for santa to come. and alanna always likes getting new stuff, so she is excited for him too, haha. here are a few photos from around our house.

there was nowhere for me to hang our wreath outside, so i hung it on malcolm instead!

we are using our eric carle advent calendar again this year. malcolm thinks it's so fun to see which ornament we get each day.

danny's vintage ceramic tree. it is lovely.

our skinny little bargain tree that we bought our first year as a family (for a whopping $29.88 at target! haha)

my kewpie doll angel tree topper

malcolm and i painted this together on our last trip to marbles. i just love it!

and my sweet mother sent us a set of four matching christmas stockings! we've never had a nice set, and the oddball ones we did have were looking pretty sad this year. thanks mom, we all love them!

and here is a silly little video just for fun :)

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