Monday, November 29, 2010

natalie visits & thanksgiving!

last week was a busy one. my sister natalie flew in on tuesday afternoon, and stayed with us through thanksgiving. it was really nice having her here for a visit. the last time she was here was in november of 2005, and so much has changed since then (we've moved twice, alanna grew up, malcolm was born and is almost three, lucky dog has aged, danny has relocated shops multiple times, etc., etc.) but no matter how long it has been, we all just pick up where we left off. i cannot wait to visit utah again, i miss my family so much.

tuesday was spent mostly at home, playing guitar hero on the wii (plus a quick trip to the thrift store and trader joe's.) natalie and malcolm made a great team. as soon as nat started playing, she was hooked!

alanna had no school on wednesday, the weather was gorgeous, so we spent most of the afternoon outside. we had mediterranean food for lunch and then took a long stroll along the greenway trail that runs behind the nc museum of art. it was wonderful. too bad danny had to work. i stole a few of these photos from natalie :)

that evening we left malcolm with danny, and just us girls headed to chapel hill to have dinner at an ethiopian restaurant. we all love ethiopian food, and this was a new restaurant that we've never tried yet. it was tasty, and we really enjoyed our meal. i should have asked our waitress to take a photo of the three of us, ooops.

when we got home, i baked these two vegan pumpkin cheesecakes in preparation for the following day.

we spent thursday at danny's parents house celebrating thanksgiving with family. vicky really goes above and beyond and makes the most delicious vegan feast for us all. i really am so grateful that she is so accommodating, and that dan, billy, and catherine don't mind that she makes almost everything vegan for us to eat. we have such a great family out here. the meal was amazing, as usual! thanks again for everything vicky!

i guess i only got photos of the food, haha. hopefully dan and vicky got a few with the family in them. but i don't think anyone got a shot of me with my sister. the weather was cold and rainy outside, so we didn't take any photos outside like we usually do.

we had a great time and wished that natalie could have stayed longer, but since she had already spent time in atlanta before coming to raleigh, she needed to get home to her little dog rocket. i hope that in five more years, she will be able to visit again. :)


  1. Thanks for a wonderful trip. Thanks to Vicky for another wonderful thanksgiving meal. I love you guys so much.

  2. Thanks for all the great pictures. I am sooo happy you have danny's family there. We miss you all. Love mom.

  3. Lauren your hair is so long again! Your feast looks so yummy and all vegan that's awesome!

  4. Holy shit! Is Alanna taller than you? When did that happen? Why does time go so fast? I'm so glad you had such a good time with your sister! Family is so important! xoxo