Tuesday, November 16, 2010

feeling better

this past weekend has snapped me out of that funk i was in. thanks for the sweet comments, phone calls (mom!), text messages (bethany!), and your blog post katie, i'm glad you are my friends :) it's nice to know that i am not the only one who feels down sometimes, and i'm glad that it doesn't last long. plus how can i be sad when i get to spend every waking second with this little dude?!

thursday we went to the park up the street, and wow our neighborhood is looking beautiful right now. i'm loving all the fall colors and leaves on the ground!

friday luc came over to play while tommy and danny got lunch. the boys played very well, and there were no tears or injuries, haha.

saturday i went back to work for a few hours. on wednesday after i posted that last blog entry, i emailed my old boss to see if she needed any help for the holidays. lucky for me, she had just been thinking how she would love some extra help, so i will be working on saturdays until christmas. i'm pretty excited to be able to get out of the house for a few hours, while making some extra spending money (just in time for the holidays!), all while doing something that i really enjoy.

i worked for debbi for a year and half before i had malcolm, right up until i was 36 weeks pregnant (i had him at 38 weeks.) during most of my pregnancy, i was able to sit in the back and help make beautiful handmade beaded jewelry for her little boutique. so that is what i am back at, and it is awesome. i even got to take a quick "business trip" to michaels craft store to replace the crimping pliers that exploded in my face on the very first crimp bead i clamped down on! yikes! haha.

after work i picked up the family and we headed out to danny's parents house. we left the kids with vicky and dan (thanks again guys!), and then drove to durham to enjoy a delicious meal and to see a movie. we went to a theater that is on the edge of a mall, so we also got to browse at urban outfitters and grab coffee at barnes & noble (first soy peppermint mocha of the season! yum!) while there i realized that i have a love/hate relationship with urbn. the store was full of so many cute things, of course, because i have no spending money... but almost every single time that danny has given me a gift card there, i have had the hardest time finding anything that i like or that fits. what the hell?! anyway, i'm grateful that danny and i got to spend some alone time together, and i really feel like the day away from the kids helped recharge my "mom" batteries, haha.

this is the tree in front of dan & vicky's house. beautiful!

sunday we went for a ride along the greenway again. the weather was wonderful. alanna stayed home to work on homework, so it was just malcolm and i on my bike, while danny ran behind us at his own pace. the air was crisp, but the sun was so warm, and the path was so peaceful. i love this time of the year. we rode out to this new playground, stopped to play for a bit, and then rode back.

i'm doing my best to get our house in order this week... because my sister will be here in one week from today! we are beyond thrilled to see her, and so happy that she will be spending thanksgiving with us! she has only been out for a visit once since i moved here, and it was the first fall, so it has been four years. she got to enjoy vicky's fabulous vegan thanksgiving meal back then, and ever since she has said how she wished she could come out every year. it will be so nice to see her and hopefully she might relieve some of my homesickness. i only wish that our brother could come out too. he has never visited us in raleigh (tisk, tisk,) so i think it's about time he does!


  1. wish i could be there! That pic of lucky dog and malcolm is awesome!!!!!!!

  2. I would kill to live in a place that had actual seasons!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. xo

  3. It looks sooooooo beautiful there! I'm glad you are feeling better! and that your sister is coming for a visit! It is crazy how a familiar face can cheer you right up! I hope you have the best time with her! xo