Monday, October 18, 2010

our weekend in photos

not a lot going on around here, just hanging out around town as a family. the weather has started to feel more like fall. it went from 88 degrees to 66 this past week, and has now settled in the mid 70's, which is wonderful. thank goodness. here are some photos from our simple adventures this weekend.

some fun while on a quick trip to target for some pull-up's for little buddy! malcolm has been consistently pooping on the potty all week, and i am so proud and excited! now we just need to work on the pee pee. i cannot wait til he is out of diapers! :)

we spent a few hours in chapel hill on saturday, mostly outside, and it was fabulous. lunch at chipotle, browsed at chapel hill comics and a vintage thrift store, checked out the brand new location of wootini, and finished up with chocolate cake from weaver street market. it was a perfect trip.

the kids in scary masks at the five below dollar store (where i scored some sweet nightmare stuff for super cheap! yay!) malcolm gets so scared if we put them on near him, but he'll put them on himself, haha.

we love finding strange foreign food items at world market, that just so happen to be vegan. like these huge pretzel shaped chocolate covered spiced cookies! seriously?!

malcolm playing in the back of old navy, while i tried to find something new to wear. no such luck. i have the hardest time finding clothes that fit me good :(

and a sunday evening stroll up to the "lion king" park. the weather was absolutely perfect out.

good weekend.


  1. alanna looks so cute as a hot dog! i want a hot dog costume now!x

  2. You guys HAVE to drive to Salisbury one day and check out the park at Dan Nicholas. It is AMAZINGLY huge! We didn't get to play on it...and I def didn't do it justice in the pictures, but it's unbelievable. Malcolm would love it. We are going back soon for the Gem Mine, and the playground. We were so rushed on his birthday, that we didn't get to enjoy half of it. :)