Friday, October 29, 2010

monkey joe's & happy mail

yesterday malcolm and i met up with alicia and luc at monkey joe's. this was the first time we had ever been there, but luc goes often and he loves it, so i knew malcolm would have a blast. he's been in bounce houses before, but nothing like these ones. a few of them were huge and pretty intimidating. he cried a couple of times, and i had to climb up and save him twice, but we had a lot of fun and we will definitely go again.

malcolm and luc

this big monster was the one that scared him. i convinced him to go with me a couple of times. it was pretty tall and even gave me butterflies in my tummy when we dropped down.

after an hour and half we had to leave to get alanna from school. malcolm was sweaty and hot and exhausted. $5 well spent!

we also got something special in the mail yesterday! it was a halloween care package sent by my mother. she is always so sweet to send us fun things, and we really love opening the boxes to see what is inside. kind of like christmas in october! :)

thanks so much mom! we loved all of it. i hung the banner (is that what it's called?) out on the front of our house today. it looks great.

p.s. we haven't carved our pumpkins yet, since just a few days ago it was 84 degrees outside!! what?! 84 degrees on october 27th! crazy! on the same day that it was so hot and humid here, it was dumping snow in salt lake city. strange how the weather works sometimes. it has cooled down now, and we wore hoodies and sweaters today. that's more like it.

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