Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hill ridge farms 2010

on friday we went to hill ridge farms again. we went last year, and loved it, so we are making it a new annual tradition. you can see last years post here. the weather was wonderful, the crowds were minimal, and we had a blast just like our previous trip. what a fun little place to enjoy some time outside during this beautiful season.

we thought this black bunny looked like our mama cat. malcolm has been talking about "the black mama cat bunny" ever since, haha.

the corn house is seriously so much fun!

cute little train that malcolm didn't want to ride on (?!)

hayride to the pumpkin field

we chose some wonderful pumpkins

when it was time to leave and the sun was setting, the moon started to rise. it was beautiful, but impossible to capture in a photo.

malcolm cried and cried when we left. he loves it there so much. i wish we could go more than once a year.

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  1. Oh my gosh...I wanna go here!! It looks pretty awesome! You guys have some neat places there. We don't have anything like this in or near Winston Salem! :(