Friday, October 29, 2010

friday favorite: ghosts in the house!

i'm sure i've already mentioned many times before that this season is my absolute favorite time of the year. we've been busy around here, trying to enjoy all of what october has to offer before it is gone (boo hoo). i've missed a few weeks of book posts, but i am back, and just in time for halloween. today i chose: ghosts in the house! by kazuno kohara. we've been to the book stores a few time this month, and i've been browsing the children's halloween books looking for something new, but many of them i already had or i wasn't really interested in. this book immediately caught my eye, and as soon as i opened it up, i was in love. it is a very simple story, easy to read, wonderfully illustrated (using just three colors), and totally cute. it's not scary, and is perfect for a little toddler. malcolm had fun reading it with me.

we have lots of fun things planned for this weekend, and i'm in the middle of making some tasty treats, so i am going to leave this post very short and sweet... exactly like this book, haha! i'm hoping that the stores will mark their halloween books on sale after the holiday has passed, so that i can snatch a few more up. if you happen to see this one, i would recommend getting a copy too. happy halloween! :)

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