Monday, October 11, 2010

alanna's birthday weekend extravaganza!

oh my goodness, i'm so behind on my blog posts. a week later, and i am finally getting alanna's birthday photos up. better late than never, right?! the past week has been like a blur. i actually lost track of days, and on thursday i was convinced it was only wednesday. yikes, i'm a mess.

last weekend we had three long fun-filled days which included lots of driving, walking, eating, and enjoying ourselves... but not much rest. so on monday i was wiped out. on tuesday morning malcolm woke up sick (as posted earlier), but luckily it must have just been a 24 hour bug, because he felt much better by that evening. i guess the weekend wiped him out as well. anyway, now on to tons of photos.

alanna with her gifts from my parents (thanks guys!) we let her open them the night before her actual birthday.

thursday was her birthday and she had a great day at school. she was sung to at least five times -once by her teacher at an assembly in front of the entire 8th grade. in the evening after danny got home from work, we went downtown to check out the opening of garrett's most recent show which features lady gaga.

they are all so amazing. i wish you could see all the detail up close. this one, and the diamond shaped one up top are my favorite.

on the way home, the sky turned a crazy shade of bright pink/yellow, and then we saw these beams of rainbow in the sky. it was so strange, i've never seen a rainbow like that. alanna thought it was awesome, and was excited that it had happened on her birthday. danny made fun of us for getting excited, haha.

i asked her what she wanted for her birthday treat, and she requested chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. this was my second ever batch, and these ones turned out sooo good!

malcolm was convinced that it was his birthday also. so i made him his own very merry un-birthday cupcake too. he made us sing happy birthday to him. here he is blowing out his candle :)

remember how i mentioned that danny's parents surprised alanna with a special birthday gift? well, it was a trip to kings dominion in VA. they bought our passes, and booked us a room for two nights right next to the amusement park. they figured since we didn't get to take our annual trip to disneyland this year, that this might make up for it and make alanna happy. how totally nice, and such a great idea. we all had a very good time. we will definitely go there again.

friday we got a rental car and headed three hours north.
(photos are posted in order of when they were taken)

we stayed at the best western next to the park, and it was really nice. once we were all unpacked and in our room, malcolm had fun with my camera and took these next two photos of danny and i.

the weather was nice and cool, so we went down to the playground. alanna stayed in the room to work on her homework.

saturday morning we got up and headed to the park! alanna took this one of malcolm and i before we left the motel.

first thing we did was go up the "eiffel tower" to check out the view. the ride up the elevator made danny so sick. he looked like a ghost.

alanna loved that ride

there is our motel on the right

i made the mistake of riding this one with her next. of course it made me sick, but she had fun.

(after we got off)

malcolm was really good about waiting while we rode. then he got his turn on a few little rides.

malcolm's favorite ride was called "boo blasters on boo hill". it was an indoor haunted house, with ghosts and monsters that you could shoot with a little gun -similar to the buzz lightyear ride at disneyland. he rode it four times, and was sad every time it ended.

this was alanna's favorite ride. the volcano. she is up there, upside down!

lunch! vegan veggie burgers and fries. so awesome when the actual board says "vegan" right on it! i checked online first, to be sure that there was something we could eat, and we were very pleased with this ($40!!) meal.

more little rides

this archway is for cooling off when it gets really hot in the summer, but they had it decorated with lots of bats and some scary stuff. malcolm loved walking through it.

did i mention that the weather was perfect. hoodies and shorts. wonderful!

up on the ferris wheel

malcolm was chillaxin'

i love these boys

our final ride on boo blasters

at night, when the sun had set, the park turned scary. since it is october, they had it all decorated for halloween, and in the evening it was haunted with zombies and monsters and there were walk through spook houses. malcolm got pretty scared by the people in costume, and all the fog from the smoke machines etc. so danny took him back to our room.

alanna and i stayed and went through the haunted attractions. they were pretty fun, she got scared and loved it.

we had so much fun, but it got pretty chilly, and we were hungry so we headed out. i hope we can go back again next year.

sunday morning we headed back to north carolina

we got to danny's parents house in the afternoon, and had some great food with the family. vicky made a delicious tortilla bake, tacos, cake, pie, and tiramisu (all vegan). and alanna got a few more presents.

the fam, minus dan who was taking this photo

vicky made alanna another fun birthday cake
this year

danny and billy are silly

my boys in a tree

overall, we had a great trip. thanks again dan and vicky for making it all possible.

and p.s. october 4th was my fathers 77th birthday! we are so grateful that he is in good health and still has lots of energy for many more birthdays to come! my parents just went on a trip to canada with my uncle and aunt, and i'm glad they had a nice time. i hope they are able to visit us again soon too! we love you guys.


  1. as much as i hate lady gaga, those paintings are really well done! (and great email address too! ha)

    i love those postcards! i've seen some for san diego and i want one for san diego and salt lake!

    oh, and all those scary rides, yeah right!

  2. It looks like you guys had a great time. Alanna is getting so pretty :)
    And Garrett's art is amazing!

  3. Malcolm looks like such a little boy on those rides?!! Isn't weird how that happens overnight? One day, they are your little baby and now he is a full on little boy! Crazy!
    Alanna looks beautiful. I'm so glad you have such a nice family out there to support and love on you guys! You are one of the sweetest girls and deserve the best!
    Now go make another baby! lol