Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more marbles

i'm sorry if you are sick of seeing photos of malcolm at marbles. i cannot help but take a bazillion shots while we are there. yesterday we visited for a couple of hours while alanna was in school, and it was a veritable ghost town. it was crazy how empty it was. there were staff members just standing around all over the museum, because there were no hoards of kids to clean up after. it was kinda nice, if you ask me. malcolm likes having lots of other kids to play and interact with, but a lot of the time they are mean or just don't want to play with or share with him. so having all that open space for just us to play and explore was pretty great.

getting ready to leave

he had to hug the tree goodbye, haha (he actually gave it kisses too!)

the submarine was completely empty. that was a first.

the pirate ship was also empty

he was screaming at the octopus! and it echoed through the whole building, since it was so quiet inside.

new shirt from aunt catherine & uncle billy

we have never been able to play with this wall before, because there is always too many big kids on it. he loved it. when we were done rolling marbles down the tracks, he said "that was awesome!", and a staff member heard him and laughed. it was pretty cute.

remember when i told you about how i lost him in the museum... well this is the giant staircase that he climbed! even this photo makes it look smaller than it is. if there was a child standing on it, you would see just how big and scary it really is. i still have no idea how/why he went up there alone without anyone else seeing him?!

practicing to become a carolina hurricanes player :)

this metal cage hangs out over the lobby about 3 stories up

these are the funniest photos. he saw the pictures of the yoga poses, and got in them perfectly. he is a natural.

he loves these wooden foods that can be "cut". i need to get him his own set of them.

and this is how he looked about 5 minutes into our car ride to pick up alanna. chocolate on his face, half-eaten clif kid bar in hand, and fast asleep.

the end.


  1. awesome hahahhaha the yoga pics and the one of him hugging the tree are hilarious! awe lil malcolm!

  2. oh nonono
    malcolm will be a blackhawk haha
    none of this hurricanes talk ;]