Wednesday, September 8, 2010

holy cucumbers!

proof that alanna has been seriously neglecting her garden since school started:

this morning malcolm and i found two of the biggest cucumbers i have ever seen, hiding in the rosemary bush. i kept saying "holy moly!", while i was pulling back branches to get to them, and malcolm kept repeating me. it was pretty funny.

the only things to really come of our little pot garden, was cucumbers, a few cherry tomatoes, and a giant basil bush. the larger tomatoes all had worm holes. and the zucchini and squash plants died before they ever produced anything. but boy oh boy, did we get a lot of cucumbers! at one point we had about 20 of them in our fridge. we've been giving them away to anyone who will take them... including the guy who replaced our water heater, haha!


  1. How CUTE!

    I remember when Alden used to repeat stuff I would say, and so I would keep repeating what I said just to hear him say it again. :)

    Way to go on your cucumber plants! We had a little garden mishap this year, so hopefully next spring we'll get another chance and our garden will flourish.

  2. your son is like a little man, and it kills me everytime i see his perfect little face! guh!

  3. candace, haha, we do the same thing with malcolm. we also had a little (well big) garden mishap... some guy came and pressure washed the house, and blew all of our plants away in the process. but the cucumber survived, and flourished! i hope next year we will have lots more of a selection. kinda getting sick of cuc's.

    p.s. thanks ainsley <3